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New Carbon Tracer App goes live!


Our Carbon Tracing project is looking to address a perception that customers are increasingly interested in how their energy is made up. We continue to see an increasing amount of low carbon generation being connected to electricity networks over recent years; therefore, it is deemed valuable for customers to be able to see what their electricity mix is like at any point in time, but there is currently no mechanism for giving a customer this information. 

We would like to allow interested customers to view the composition and carbon intensity of their electricity supply. Customers may then become more informed about this important subject, potentially adjusting their behaviour, if they wish to do so, to move some of their energy-consuming tasks, e.g. Using the washing machine, to ‘better’ times (for example when there is a greener mix or away from peak loading of the network). 

In collaboration with the Carbon Trust and working alongside digital agency Enigma Interactive, we have developed a new mobile app and website page designed to show interested customers the breakdown of their electricity supply by generation source. This allows us to reveal real time information to consumers on their local energy generation mix and the amount of CO2 produced as a result, also known as its ‘carbon intensity’. In addition to being able to see data at the current time, customers will also see a future projection and past history (each for seven days).   

By using the new app, electricity customers will be able to see data from their local area, or anywhere across WPD’s network, which operates across the East and West Midlands, South Wales and the South West. Customers will be able to see how the energy is being generated, taking into account how much energy is coming from nearby solar panels and wind turbines in current weather conditions - for example you can watch the solar power kick-in on sunnier days and increase each day through the year towards the summer months. In addition to renewables, the app also reveals what proportion of electricity is being provided through nuclear energy, fossil fuels, or other energy sources.

Following the launch of Carbon Tracer, the partners behind the app will continue to work on its development, looking for ways to improve the presentation of data and make it more useful to households. To support this, we are looking for volunteers to spend 30 minutes talking with us in the period running through to early Spring 2018 and provide feedback on their experience. This information will be invaluable in helping shape the future of the app. The sign-up page for interviews can be found here.

Take a look at our Carbon Tracer website at https://carbontracer.westernpower.co.uk

The Carbon Tracer app is now available for download on Apple devices through the App Store and on Android devices through Google Play:


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