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WPD Utilities

What is a Self-Lay Agreement?

A Self-Lay Agreement (SLA) is a site specific adoption agreement that is required by the water company for us to build the network. Currently it needs to be signed by all parties (i.e. the water company, developer and our contractor).

If I have applied to the water company, what information do you need from me to make a quote?

A copy of the water company's design is enough for us to provide prices for water, but a Section 51a agreement will still be required for the site.

How will you design the water network on my site?

We will try to design the on-site water network to maximise the use of a common utility trench. Our design will be subject to approval by the local water company. The network will be adopted by the water company under a Section 51a agreement.

What if I haven't previously approached the water company?

We can issue costs for the onsite work, however the non-contestable charges may have to be paid by you direct to the water company.

Why do you need soil analysis?

Certain contaminates in the ground may mean we need to install protective pipe work for the water supply.

What do you need from the soil analysis?

If possible, please provide us with the following:

  • details of the previous and current site usage, along with adjacent areas and geology of the site.
  • maps and plans of trial pit and borehole locations and any remediation plans for the site, if possible.

Why do you need to know about fire supply?

We need to assess the entire water flows needed for the site. We'll also consult with the local fire authority about hydrant provision.

I don't know the gas load that I require. Can you determine it for me?

For a domestic development, we'll require a property type/plot matrix (i.e. the number of bedrooms per property type) as a minimum.

For commercial/industrial developments, we need to know the following, as a minimum:

  • the overall dimension/volume of the building to be heated;
  • the specific gas requirements (e.g. heating, cooking);
  • the purpose of the building (e.g. office/retail unit, school (including number of pupils), hospital (including number of beds));
  • is it an intermittent or continuous gas load; and
  • the gas pressure required.

There doesn't appear to be many options regarding meter positions. Why is this?

The meters need to be accessible. So, they must either be sited in a meter box, preferably at the front of the property or no more than two metres down the side of the property and not behind lockable gates.

For a commercial/industrial property will you be supplying and fitting the gas meter?

Unlike domestic properties we will lay a service only for a commercial/industrial property and won't supply and fit the gas meter. It's the developer's responsibility to contact their gas supplier for the proposed development, who will arrange for a suitable meter to be fitted./p>

There’s existing mains/services/plant on site. Will the diversion/decommissioning of the apparatus be dealt with by you?

Any existing mains, services and plant will be owned by either a gas transporter or by a water company and not us. It is the developer's responsibility to contact the relevant utility company to discuss the options available.

Who can I discuss my application with?

Initially you can contact our Business Development Manager or one of our designers, but our designers will as a matter of course contact you at the design stage.

Alternatively, you can call us on 01332 623090 or email

Is someone from WPD able to visit my site to discuss the proposed development?

Ideally we would hope to resolve any issues via telephone or email. However, if this is not possible, we'll arrange for an Engineering Specialist or a Supervisor to visit you.

What happens to my application when I have returned it to you?

The application will be processed and given a reference number. A designer will then design the network and send a formal quotation to you.

How long will it take to get a quotation?

We aim to give you a quotation within 28 working days.

How long is my quotation valid for?

Eighty days.

Who should I inform regarding any changes to my application?

You can contact one of our designers, who will provide you with their contact details when they are designing your connections.

Alternatively, please call our team on 01332 623090 or email and we will be happy to help.

Who'll be carrying out the work on site?

The work on site will be carried out by our construction contractors.

Contact us

If you still have further questions please contact us on 01332 623090 or email