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Active Network Management

In areas where there are multiple complex constraints affecting a number of customers over a long time period, full active network management systems will be implemented. Distributed control systems continually monitor all the limits on the network and then allocate the maximum amount of capacity to customers in that area, based on the date their connection was accepted. This Last In, First Out (LIFO) hierarchy prioritises the oldest connections when issuing capacity, but is scalable so that new entrants will get access to the capacity when it becomes available.

An example of the Connection Offer for this alternative connection can be found here.

The following table reflects the current plan for ANM deployment, though the order and dates are subject to change following an annual review of network status and customer enquiries.

GSP GroupEarthing type       Active BSP Group        Quoting from        Building during        
Bicker fenSkegnessActiveActive


West BurtonHorncastleActiveActive
Indian QueensTruroActiveActive
Swansea NorthSwansea ActiveActive
CellarheadMeafordActiveNovember 2018

November 2018

South DevonLandulph - Abham - Exeter GSPsActiveJanuary 2020
FeckenhamFeckenhamNovember 2018April 2019
AberthawAllApril 2018April 2019
StaythorpeAllNovember 2018November 2019
BerkswellWarwickApril 2019April 2020
AxminsterAllApril 2019April 2020
ShrewsburyAllApril 2019April 2020
Bishops WoodHerefordNovember 2019November 2020
RugeleyAllNovember 2019November 2020
East ClaydonAllNovember 2019November 2020
West BurtonAllNovember 2019November 2020
PylePyleApril 2020April 2021
Remaining GSPs requiring ANM

Actual GSP will be dependent
on applications and
any resultant constraint

January 2021November 2021