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P272 Service

Since 2012 electricity Suppliers have been committed to installing Smart Meters onto supplies where the profile class is 05 to 08 and should have now completed this commitment.

Now the meters have been installed the Suppliers have to trade them half-hourly which for a large number of these meters is proven difficult as they are not reliable enough to support half-hourly data collection and this is having an impact on the data quality that is being submitted into settlements and customer invoices.

WPD Smart Metering can fully support meter operator interoperability and has been engaged by suppliers and customers to prepare or repair meters for this change of measurement.

We can help you with this process. Click here for further information.

Generation Service

WPD Smart Metering are specialists in providing metering for distributed generation sites. 

We provide Settlement Import/Export metering from micro-generation sites to the largest solar and wind farms. We also provide generation or FiT metering to measure the total generation in accordance with industry standards. 

Solar panels in a sunny field

Generation Metering Options 
We can meter your generation at high or low voltage using one of the following metering models: 
• CEWE Prometer – a high-end meter which provides additional connectivity options such as Modbus;
• Elster A1700 – the most commonly used meter for Half Hourly Settlement;
• EDMI Mk10 and Mk7 – latest generation of Code of Practice metering.

We can provide and install the associated metering panels and current transformers where required. We provide a number of remote communications links, data collection and reporting services too.

Read more about it here.

Settlement Metering - Services

As an accredited meter operator WPD Smart Metering can provide, install and maintain all Code of Practise metering systems.

Sub metering Service

We understand that some customers prefer to understand their usage in far more depth either for tenant billing to individual manufacturing processes, WPD Smart Metering can install a sub metering system with communications that gives these customers the ability to collect and analyse this data. 

Data collection service

Working with a partner company we can offer data collection which enable our customers the ability to take control of their energy usage.


Customers, Partners and Electricity Suppliers with multiple metering systems require understanding of how projects or portfolios are performing. We have developed many different types of reporting tools :

TriOpsis this enables the field resource to take photos before and after any work is carried out and has the added benefit of the engineer to add comments where necessary, these reports are then made available to the end customer. 

Coherent Test Dial software giving the engineer the ability to confirm the communications is established to the metering before leaving site.

During the whole process from initial appointment to the meter installation, WPD Smart Metering can provide reports that provide a status of a metering system, these reports can be delivered at a frequency the customer requests.