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Carbon impact of flexibility services

As part of our Flexible Power initiative, we now procure flexibility services to help us manage our network. Full details can be found on our Flexible Power website. This includes which services we need and how to get involved.

Innovation projects such as Future Flex, are looking at next generation flexibility services to help us widen participation. Within the project we held two workshops with stakeholders around accessibility for domestic customers. One of the key themes that emerged was a desire for more information and consideration around the carbon impact of flexibility services. This echoes feedback given by community energy groups as well as wider stakeholders in engagement with Ofgem and BEIS. As such as part of our Net Zero Communities Strategy, we committed to start carbon reporting on the services we buy in our Environment and Innovation report.

As part of the Future Flex project, our project partners at Everoze are developing a detailed methodology for the reporting of the carbon impact of our services. This is due for completion by the end of the year and will be shared with BEIS and Ofgem.

In the meantime we have taken proactive steps to start reporting on the carbon associated with our services. We have taken a simple approach based on the UK Government GHG Conversion Factors for Company Reporting. For clarity, these emissions would generally fall under the Scope 1 emissions of the companies providing services to us.

The total emissions associated with services procured by Flexible Power is approximately 165tCO2e across our four licence areas for 2019/20. There is an additional 11tCO2e of “Out of Scope” emissions associated with Bio Energy.