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A permanent disconnection will be required if you no longer require an electricity connection to your premises or if you are planning demolition of the premises. A temporary de-energisation may be required if you require your supply to be isolated for a relatively short period of time whilst you undertake works within the premises.

De-energising and re-energising an installation

In some cases it is necessary for the incoming electricity supply to be de-energised to allow an electrical installer to safely work on a customer’s wiring and equipment. You can arrange for the supply to be de-energised and re-energised by calling your Electricity Supplier. The Electricity Supplier’s name, address and telephone number will be shown on your electricity bill. If you have any difficulty arranging for this to be carried out, please contact us.

Permanently disconnection a supply

If you require a permanent disconnection of your supply, please complete an online general enquiries form which can be found here or call our general enquiries number on 0800 0963080. You should also contact your Electricity Supplier to request them to remove your meter and close your electricity account.

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Service alteration

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Diversion works

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Information about both permanent disconnection and temporary de-energisations.

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