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Diversionary Works

A diversion is where we have to move our electricity cables or overhead power lines. This may be due to major highways works, transport works or bridge works. In addition, developers may require our network to be moved to make way for new buildings and road infrastructure.

If you are developing a plot of land, it is important that you check the location of our electricity cables before you start digging. If our cables are at risk of being damaged then you need to let us know. Plans of our network are available on request.

To ensure your safety when digging on your own land, please view our Public Safety Advice webpage.

New Site Entrances

When you are creating a new site entrance or access road, it is important that our minimum cable depths are maintained to ensure safety and security of supply. This table below provides the minimum cover required for the various cables utilised on our network:

Cable TypeMinimum ground cover in pavement or private landMinimum ground cover in roadway
Low voltage cables450530
11kV cables450530
33kV cables750750
66kV cables900900

Will there be a charge for diversionary works?

You will be required to pay for any diversionary works you require. We will need to plan a route which meets the needs of your development whilst retaining an electricity supply to any affected connections. We will discuss options with you to ensure that the most cost effective viable route is identified.

Will my quotation include everything?

We will provide you with an estimate of the diversion works which will include costs for:

On completion of the works a cost review is undertaken. If the works cost less than originally estimated, you may receive a partial refund. If the works cost more than originally estimated, you may receive an invoice for the additional expense.

What happens next?

Once you are confident that you wish to proceed, please contact us to request diversionary works. You may call or email us at:

Lines are open Mon to Fri, 8:30 to 5pm

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A diversion is where we have to move our electricity cables or overhead power lines.

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