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Service Alterations

We are sometimes asked to move an electricity supply as a result of building work, such as an extension to a domestic dwelling. If you are planning works to your premises which requires some of our equipment to be moved, you will need to make an application for a service alteration.

If you need to move your existing electricity supply you should be aware that there are specific conditions and costs associated with these works.

Typical Costs and Timescales for connection

We have provided a table of average costs and timescales, available here.

Alternatively you can use our Interactive Costing Tool to calculate an indicative price for your site.


Supplies up to 100A per phase

For alterations of domestic and small commercial connections we have produced a Service Alteration Guidance document which provides information on where your supply can be moved to and what preparatory works you may need to complete.

We will make an assessment of the works required and associated costs following receipt of an application form. Once we have completed our assessment we will send you a quotation. These are valid for 90 days and the works should normally be completed within 90 days from the date of acceptance. This is subject to change; for example, we may need to obtain permissions from third party landowners or the highways agency prior to commencing any works.

Working out the cost

Our application form includes an option for you to work out the cost for some types of work. If your supply is:

  • Single phase (a single fuse carrier below or adjacent to your meter);
  • All works are to be carried out on your own land or the highway (i.e. not on third party property);
  • You are not applying to underground an existing overhead connection; and
  • You are not applying to move or remove a pole

then you may calculate the cost of the works yourself using the charges outlined in the application form.

Will my quotation include everything?

To ensure your safety when digging on your own land, please view our Public Safety Advice webpage.

What happens next?

Once you are confident that you wish to proceed, please complete and submit an application form. You will need to include a Site Layout Plan showing your existing and proposed meter positions. The following flowchart identifies what will happen once we receive your application form.

How do I apply?

To make an application for connection, you may Apply Online, download an Application Form or contact your nearest applications team and ask us to send an application to you.

Lines are open Mon to Fri, 8:30 to 5pm

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