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Online applications - CIRT

We have an internet-based system for ICPs and IDNOs to submit applications online.

CIRT (Crown Internet Routing and Tracking) has been developed to allow connection providers and WPD to easily:

  • Create and route connection enquiries;
  • Enable tracking of individual schemes, stage by stage;
  • Manage two-way activities;
  • Upload and exchange documents;
  • Manage inspection timetables.

CIRT Questionnaire

If you have a moment we would like to request your participation in a survey to ascertain ICP's views, perceptions and attitudes towards the CIRT on-line application process. 

Please click here to complete our short survey.  

Please be aware that should you wish to carry out extension of contestability activities, such as determining your own point of connection, you can only apply for these using the CIRT process. 

Connection providers are able to register to use CIRT at a company, organisational unit and individual level. For further information on how to register please click here.

If you are an existing CIRT user please click here to log in.