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It is important that we engage with our stakeholders and share our plans for the future, providing them an opportunity to tell us about their needs and their experience of working with us. Therefore, we held an event on Thursday 1st June that was targeted to our stakeholders who are engaged in competition in connection activities.  

To view the invitation to the event please click here.

The objectives of this event were to: 

  • Share WPD’s overall approach to the CiC activity;
  • Share the initiatives that we have in our current plan that will improve our CiC performance and how we intend to track the outcomes;
  • Provide an opportunity for the delegates to feedback on our plans.

To view the Workshop Agenda please click here

To view the presentation from the workshop please click here

To view the report from the day setting out feedback, recommendations and areas identified for improvement please click here.

In response to the feedback received at this workshop, WPD will be including a range of additional actions into our 2017/18 ICE workplan as part of our ICE update published at the end of October 2017, to view information on our ICE activities and workplan please click here.