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Study and offer quote FAQ

Does this apply to me?

This process is designed for Distributed Generation developers that wish to connect generation greater than 5MVA to the Western Power Distribution network. Please note that this applies to generation connections only and does not apply for battery storage connections.

This process applies to those developers that would normally submit multiple connection applications for different generation capacities at one site, with the aim of determining the scope and cost of connection works for each capacity. This trial aims to streamline the process and reduce the number of connection applications for a single site that will not progress to a Connection Offer.

The Study & Offer trial is limited to the following locations in each WPD distribution area:

Grid Supply Points as shown on the East Midlands Generation Constraint Map available on our website:

  • Berkswell
  • East Claydon
  • Enderby

Grid Supply Points as shown on the West Midlands Generation Constraint Map available on our website:

  • Cellarhead
  • Port Ham
  • Rugeley

Grid Supply Points shown on the South Wales Generation Constraint Map available on our website:

  • Pyle
  • Rassau
  • Upper Boat 132kV

Grid Supply Points shown on the South West Generation Constraint Mapavailable on our website:

  • Axminster
  • Exeter
  • Seabank 

How does the Study & Offer process work?

  1. A Distributed Generation developer submits a Study&Offer application to the Primary System Design team at Western Power Distribution for 3 different capacity options at the same geographic site.
  2. Western Power Distribution carries out a Feasibility Study and informs the Customer of the Connection Works required and an approximate cost for each of the capacity options. This costs include all contestable and non-contestable elements for the Connection Works.
  3. Upon receiving the Feasibility Study results, the Customer can choose to apply for a Connection Offer for one of the three capacity options.
  4. Western Power Distribution will prepare a Connection Offer to send out to the Customer to comply with our Guaranteed Standards of Performance for connection applications.
  5. The complete Study&Offer process will take no longer than the current timescale used for a connection application. 

Why is this process being trialled?

This process was suggested after consultation with Distributed Generation stakeholders and included in the Incentive on Connections Engagement (ICE) Workplan for 2014-15. A limited trial was initially undertaken but has now been extended include all four of Western Power Distribution’s distribution areas. The process is designed to streamline the application process for Distributed Generation developers and reduce the number of connection applications that do not progress to a Connection Offer. 

Why should I use the Study & Offer process?

The Study&Offer process is free to Customers and will reduce the number of applications which do not progress into a Connection Offer.

If the Customer accepts an option from the Feasibility Study within 5 working days of receiving the Feasibility Study results the initial application date is used for the Connection Offer. This means that if the Connection Offer was subject to an interactive queue, the Study&Offer process does not disadvantage the Customer with their legacy date.

Please note that the initial application date is taken as the date at which the minimum information was provided by the Customer prior to the Feasibility Study taking place. 

What will I need to apply for a Study & Offer quote?

The Study & Offer quote requires the same amount of information as a normal connection application. This includes the ENA generator new connection application form and associated documents as stated on the website. In addition, a Study & Offer application form should be attached to the application stating the three capacity options required. 

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