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Connection for up to 4 domestic properties

Domestic connections are usually single phase 15kVA and rated up to 60A. If you require a higher maximum power for each property you will need to let us know, your electrician should be able to calculate this for you.

  • We will require a completed application form to provide details of the type and size of the connection(s) you require. In addition, you will need to enclose:

    • A Site Location Plan – this should identify adjacent roads and buildings
    • A Site Layout Plan – this should include your proposed meter location(s)
    • An Energy Networks Association (ENA) EV/HP application form if you are installing electric vehicle charging and/or heat pump installations
    • A Manufacturer’s specification sheet for any electric boilers, generation units or similar electrical equipment
  • When we receive your application form we will make an assessment of the works required and associated costs. Once we have completed our assessment we will send you a connection offer. These are valid for 90 days and the works should normally be completed within 90 days from the date of acceptance. This is subject to change; for example, we may need to obtain permissions from third party landowners or the highways agency prior to commencing any works.

  • Each application is individually assessed and costs are determined in line with our Connection Charging Methodology Statements.

    To help give you an idea of the potential costs of connection, we have produced a table of average costs and timescales and an Interactive Costing Tool which you can use to calculate indicative prices for your site.

  • Your connection offer will reflect the cost of providing the connections you have requested and will take account of;

    • the type of surface to be excavated and reinstated by our teams in the highway or third party land, e.g. road, tarmac footpath, block paving, turf;
    • the distance from the existing network mains cable;
    • the number of connections to be provided;
    • whether or not we need to obtain legal permissions and consents;
    • known traffic management costs such as temporary traffic lights and road closures.

    In some instances, there may not be enough capacity available on the existing network and we may need to upgrade equipment or install a new transformer. We will discuss this with you once we have completed our initial studies.

  • We are required to comply with a set of standard timescales under the Connection Guaranteed Standards of Performance although we often issue connections offers in advance of the target deadline.

  • Connection costing diagram

    To ensure your safety when digging on your own land, please view our Public Safety Advice webpage.

  • For domestic connections, we will normally install Protective Multiple Earthing (PME). Some methods of building do not allow PME, in particular multi-occupancy steel framed buildings, in which case an alternative earthing solution can be provided by your electrical contractor. If we identify that PME cannot be provided for your premises, we will discuss this with you.

  • The steps associated with requesting up to 4 domestic connections are set out below:

    Connections process diagram