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Types of connection offer available

There are a number of ways you can obtain our charge for making an electricity connection. This depends on whether you just want an idea of the charges at this stage or require a more formal quotation. Whether you require us to carry out all of the connection works or you would like to know the costs of the non-contestable works where the contestable works are being carried out by an independent connection provider, the three options we can provide are described below.

For both Formal offers and Budget Estimates we have guaranteed standards of performance which apply to these activities, please click here for more information.

Our charges are calculated in accordance with our published Connection Charging Methodology Statements. Please click here and select the Connection Charging Statement for the relevant geographical area.

To view example budget and formal offer letters, please see our Connection Documentation page

Formal offers

If you require a formal offer for us to undertake the electricity connection works and you have all the necessary information we require in order to make an assessment you may apply immediately. The offer for connection will contain both specific and general terms for connection and, once accepted by you, will become a formal binding contract between us.

Each offer includes a breakdown of charges to help you understand the costs included and compare them with our tables of charges and with offers from competitors. Please see our Quotation accuracy scheme page for further information

Please see our Apply page to make an application for a formal offer.

Guidance on Variations to Connection Charges

Although we aim to provide a comprehensive design and cost for the connection works, depending on the size and complexity of the works required, there may be occasions where we may need to vary the Connection Charge.  This will mainly affect larger HV and EHV connections which require more significant work to enable the connection to our distribution system.

This guidance document is provided to give an indication of the more common circumstances where this may occur, and a typical range of potential cost variation.  Please click here for more information. 

Guidance on Interactive Connection Applications

There are occasions where we receive two or more applications for connection which make use of the same part of the Distribution System. These may become “Interactive Connection Applications”, resulting in additional reinforcement costs. We follow a strict process to ensure fairness. There may also be situations where the next level of reinforcement is triggered by a new offer which is over and above existing reinforcement planned for existing connection applicant(s) accepted scheme. The process for managing these situations is detailed in our guidance document, please click here for more information.

Guidance on Extension of Validity Acceptance

When a customer accepts a Connection Offer it is important that the scheme is progressed through to completion in a timely manner and without undue delay. This is to the benefit of both WPD, the customer and WPD’s other customers. Sometimes however, delays do occur whether through act or omission or because of unforeseen circumstances outside of the direct control of either party. It is important that, where delays do happen, we are able to mitigate or control the impact that delay will have on WPD resources and on other customers of WPD who are looking to secure a connection. The process for managing these situations is detailed in our guidance document, please click here for more information.

Guidance on allowable changes to applications

Due to the nature of the activity, connections schemes may require some form of change to their initial requirements during the process from application to energisation. Often a customer requests what could be a substantial change to their scheme. Where this is the case we need to ensure that we treat all customers fairly and consistently, including other applicants whose schemes could be affected by the requested changes. The process for managing these situations is detailed in our guidance document, please click here for more information.

Budget estimates

If you are planning to connect to our network and you would like an estimate of the likely cost of the connection before you make a formal application to us, we can provide you with a budget estimate free of charge.

This is a desktop exercise and will not involve a site visit, any analysis of the wider network or any technical studies.

If you want to request a budget estimate you will need to provide us with the following information:

  • Customer name and address (correspondence address), other contact details and preferred method of contact
  • Site address including postcode
  • OS grid reference of the site
  • Site plan at an appropriate scale to indicate the site boundary
  • Total maximum capacity (kVA) requirement
  • Summary technical details of any electricity generator that is required to operate in parallel with the supply
  • Summary technical details of any customer owned equipment that is likely to cause disturbance to the electricity supply (i.e. large motors, welders etc.) 

Please see our Apply page to make an application for a budget estimate.

Feasibility studies

An additional service we offer is to carry out a more detailed feasibility study to establish the viability of making a connection to our network. We will carry out preliminary network analysis and provide an indicative connection assessment which will include the results of network analysis and an outline of the engineering scheme for the connection. We will require payment in advance of the feasibility study being made.

A list of charges for feasibility studies is shown in Section 7 - Part B of the Connections Charging Statement.

For details of other charges relating to requests for information about our network, such as maps and network data, please click here.

The trial process launched by WPD for those planning to connect generation greater than 5MVA to our network has been widened and extended for a further 3 months. We are now opening up the trial to include Grid Supply Points within each of our four distribution areas. Please see below for further details. If you are unsure of the capacity you wish to connect, a Study & Offer quote allows you to assess the capacity options available without submitting multiple formal applications. Please note that this applies to generation connections only and does not apply for battery storage connections.
The Study & Offer trial is limited to the following locations in each WPD distribution area:
Grid Supply Points as shown on the East Midlands Generation Constraint Map available here:

  • Berkswell
  • East Claydon
  • Enderby

Grid Supply Points as shown on the West Midlands Generation Constraint Map available here:

  • Cellarhead
  • Port Ham
  • Rugeley 

Grid Supply Points shown on the South Wales Generation Constraint Map available here:

  • Pyle
  • Rassau
  • Upper Boat 132kV

Grid Supply Points shown on the South West Generation Constraint Map available here:

  • Axminster
  • Exeter
  • Seabank

Please click here to find out more information about the Study&Offer Quote scheme.