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Changes to your installation

We may need to make alterations to the electricity system as a result of work that you are intending to undertake. For example, this could be proposed building work which requires cables, overhead lines, substations or meters to be moved.

Let us know well in advance

It is important that you notify us if:

  • you are proposing to increase the electrical load required by your installation, or;
  • if you are connecting additional equipment such as motors or welders that may adversely affect the voltage.

This allows us to check that we can supply your installation safely and ensures that adequate voltage levels are maintained.  You should also please contact us if you would like the incoming cables or meters moved or if you would like us to provide an earthing terminal.

Please click here for our Unmetered Connections Form for Unmetered Electrical Installation.

Alternatively, you may fill in and submit a Load/Work request form by clicking here.

If there is any possibility that network alterations are required then please contact your regional office. Contact details can be found here.  You can also use our online application.

Request to change your import or export capacity

The Maximum Import Capacity (MIC) and Maximum Export Capacity (MEC) is measured in kVA and is a value agreed between you and us for the capacity of your connection. This value stated in your connection agreement where applicable. Click here for more information on connection agreements.

These MIC and MEC quantities are also known as Authorised supply capacity (ASC) for import and export and may also be included in your electricity supply contract with your chosen supplier. Where you require a change to these values because you are planning to install or remove equipment that may affect your capacity requirement, you may need to contact us in advance to agree this change. For increases in capacity works may be required on our distribution network to accommodate the change which may be chargeable to you.

For requests to change your MIC and MEC , please forward your request to one of the following:


Connection Policy Team
Western Power Distribution
Pegasus Business Park
East Midlands Airport
Castle Donnington
DE74 2TU

South West and South Wales

Connection Policy Team
Western Power Distribution
Feeder Rd