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Connections documentation

Throughout the connections process, there may be a number of documents issued to you and agreements to be entered into.  This can include an offer for connection, connection agreement for the ongoing arrangements post energisation and novations where agreements need to be transferred to another party.   We have provided some examples below.  It is worth noting, however, that any agreement you receive is site specific to the individual connection requirements.  Therefore any documentation you receive may vary from the examples below.

Budget and Formal Offer Letters

Example offer letters and a budget estimate are provided below:

Example EHV Dual Offer letter
Example HVLV Dual Offer letter
Example budget estimate
Example small connection works offer letter

To find out more regarding the budget estimate and formal offer process, click here.

Connection Offer Survey

As part of our commitments under the Incentive on Connections Engagement (ICE) and following stakeholder feedback we undertook to review and revise connection offer templates so as to improve presentation and clarity. In June this year we released our new template offers and now, having had time to bed down, we are seeking further feedback from customers who may have received a connection offer in the last three months.

The link below will direct you to our survey. The survey should take no longer than 5 minutes to complete and, if you wish, your anonymity can be protected. Your opinions matter and this survey provides you with an opportunity of ensuring your views are known. Even if you have not received a connection offer in the last three months we would still value your opinion and so examples of our offers are available to view by clicking the links above.

We will use your feedback to gage the success of our actions and to consider whether further improvements can be made. 

Please complete the survey no later than 21st October 2018.

If you have any queries regarding the survey please email us at

We thank you for your participation.

Complete the survey here. 


General Terms and Conditions

Formal offers issued will include site specific conditions and arrangements.  In addition, all connection offers will be subject to our General Terms & Conditions for connection.  The general conditions below should therefore be read in conjunction with your connection offer and specific conditions. 

We have two sets of General Terms & Conditions, one relating to small connection works and one relating to all other connections. Small connection works include; 

  • A single phase single connection requiring low voltage works only
  • Up to 4 domestic connections requiring low voltage works only
  • A one off three phase connection up to 69kVA (100A) requiring service works only
  • A single phase service alteration 

If your application is for a small connection, please read the “SSQ General Conditions V1 December 2017”.

If your application is for anything other than a small connection as defined above, please read the relevant version of the General Conditions for Connection Works as provided below:

General-TCs-V5-March- 2019

Connection Agreements

Example connection agreements are provided below:

EHV Generation Connection Agreement
Low Voltage Connection Agreement
EHV Alternative Connection Agreement

To find out more regarding Connection Agreements, click here


An example novation agreement is provided below:

Novation Agreement

To find out more regarding Novations, click here.