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Study and offer quote

If you are unsure of the capacity you wish to connect, a Study & Offer quote allows you to assess the capacity options available without submitting multiple formal applications. Please note that this applies to generation connections with export capacity of 5MVA and above only.

Each application allows up to three different capacity options you may require. We conduct a Feasibility Study for the approximate cost and works required to connect the generation to our network. This includes an indication for any reinforcement or diversionary works that may be required. The start date for the Feasibility Study will be subject to the correct information being provided along with the Study & Offer application form. Please see our Connection Charging Statement for more information on the information we require for an application here.

Upon completion you have the choice to develop the Feasibility Study into a Connection Offer. If you accept one of the capacity options a Connection Offer will be prepared and sent out to comply with our guaranteed standards of performance.

If you choose to accept one of the Feasibility Study options within 5 working days, your start date for the Feasibility Study will be used throughout the Offer process. If the Connection Offer became interactive with other Connection Offers using the same part of the network, your application date will determine the position in the interactive queue. Please click here for information about the interactivity process.

Please download an application form here to make an application for a Study & Offer quote. The standard application form is used with an additional covering form for the Study & Offer process. 

Please click here to see FAQ's on the Study & Offer quote process.