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Getting connected with Western Power

If you require a new connection or modification to an existing connection to our distribution network you can apply online or complete one of the application forms below and send it to our Records Team (details below). We will contact you within two days of receipt of you application to discuss your scheme.

Please remember that you do have a choice of companies to choose from to carry out connections work. Click here to see our Competition in Connections section. The online application system and the forms below can be used to apply for a competition in connections scheme.

Apply for a connection online

Connection Offer Expenses

From 1st May 2018 we will be implementing changes to the way we recover some of the costs that we incur when preparing an offer for an electricity connection. If your proposed electricity connection requires work at 22kV and above (‘EHV’ works) we will charge you for the time we spend preparing the offer for connection in accordance with the Electricity (Connection Offer Expenses) Regulations 2018.

We will require payment even if you do not accept the offer. The charge covers the costs we reasonably incur when assessing the impacts of the connection on the distribution/transmission system, designing the connection (including any reinforcement works) and preparing the offer. For further information click here.

Pre-application Discussions

If you would like to discuss your proposals or requirements ahead of making an application for connection, appointments are available with a local engineer on request. More information is available here

Download and Apply

A connection for up to 4 domestic or a single small commercial connection up to 69kVA

Guidance for connecting single domestic connections

A connection to 5 or more domestic properties, or a single commercial connection at 70kVA and above or multiple commercial connections



Please click here to see our information regarding applications to connect your generation to our network via a new or existing electricity connection.

A completed application form should be forwarded to:


New Supplies, Records Team
Western Power Distribution
Toll End Road

Tel 0800 096 3080
Fax 0115 876 7458

South Wales

New Supplies, Records Team
Western Power Distribution
Phoenix Way

Tel 0800 096 3080
Fax 01792 784510

South West

New Supplies, Records Team
Western Power Distribution
Lostwithiel Road
PL31 1DE

Tel 0800 096 3080
Fax 01208 892292