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G83/G98 Multiple premises connection procedure

Does my installation apply?

This connection procedure applies to generation installations that meet each of the following criteria:

  • The installer is connecting generation at more than one premises within a local geographic region* within 28 days of each other.
  • The generation at each premises has an aggregate rating of 16A (3.68kW) per phase or less.
  • All the generation complies with the requirements of an Energy Networks Association (ENA) document called Engineering Recommendation G83/2. A copy of this documents can be obtained from the Energy Networks Association.

 *The local geographic region is deemed to be an area extending for a distance of 500m from each generation installation.

What should I do?

Under this connection procedure you must apply to us using the G83/2 Application Form. It is important that we have agreed all the details with you before you install and commission the generation. In most cases SSEG can be connected to our network without causing any difficulties, however, sometimes we have to strengthen our network before the generation can be commissioned. Where we need to strengthen our network you will have to pay a contribution towards this work so it is important that you are fully aware of these costs before you commit yourself to the installation. 

Once we have agreed all the details with you and we have carried out any necessary work on our network you may go ahead and commission your generation. You must then fill in and complete one G83/2 Commissioning Confirmation Form per installation and send the details to us within 28 days.

Copies of the relevant forms are available from the following links:

For a copy of the ENA guide on connecting generation under the G83 Multiple premises connection procedure click here.


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