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G98 Single premises connection procedure

Does my installation apply?

This connection procedure only applies to generation installations that meet all of the following criteria:

  • The generation at the premises must have an aggregate rating of 16A (3.68kW) per phase or less
  • The generation must  comply with requirements of an Energy Networks Association (ENA) document called Engineering Recommendation G83/2. A copy of this document can be obtained from the Energy Networks Association
  • The installer must not have commissioned any other generation within the local geographic region* within the last 28 days or plan to install more generation within this region in the next 28 days. Where this applies, the installer must refer to the G98 multiple premises connection procedure.

    *The local geographic region is deemed to be an area extending for a distance of 500m from the proposed installation.

For more information on connecting generation under the G98 single premises connection procedure, please refer to the Energy Networks Association website.

Will I need to pay a connection charge?

If you require a connection to a new property or require changes to the service connection at your existing property, you will need to pay a connection charge for the associated works. We will send you a Connection offer which sets out the works required and costs for completing those works.

We will fully fund reinforcement carried out to allow the installation of all equipment at an existing premises which remains connected via an existing low voltage single, two or three phase service fused at or below 100 amperes per phase and metered with whole current metering, provided that:

  • The reinforcement is carried out to allow the installation of equipment as part of a single application for single or multiple installations;
  • Any and all generation equipment installed has a rated output not greater than 16 amperes per phase at any single premises; and
  • All equipment installed which does not constitute a modification to the existing service conforms with the technical requirements of the following standards: 

 *BS EN 61000-3-2 Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) Limits. Limits for harmonic current emissions (equipment input current ≤ 16A per phase)

 *BS EN 61000-3-3 Electromagnetic compatibility limits. Limitation of voltage changes, voltage fluctuations and flicker in public low voltage supply systems, for equipment with rated current ≤ 16A per phase and not subject to conditional connection.

What should I do? 

You may install and commission the generation before providing information about the generation to us. Once the generation is commissioned you must fill in and return a G98 Installation Document along with an Operation Diagram within 28 days. 

Type Test Verification

Where the micro-generator is fully type tested and already registered with the ENA Type Test Verification Report Register, the installation document should include the manufacturer’s reference number (the Product ID). 

Where the micro-generator is not registered with the ENA Type Test Verification Report Register, please also complete and provide us with the type test verification report.

Copies of all relevant forms are available here.

For information relating to the implementation of the EU Network Codes, including the transition from G83 to G98, please click here.


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