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Generation Infrastructure Schemes

WPD has developed a set of criteria for facilitating distributed generation (DG) infrastructure schemes. This will enable a single customer to apply to WPD for an offer for the infrastructure required to provide the export capacity for a number of  pre-defined premises in a development area. The customer or a separately nominated party may then apply, with reference to the infrastructure offer agreement, to connect a premises to the infrastructure.

These subsequent connections applications which are dependent on the export capacity created following completion of the infrastructure works, must have written authority from the customer holding the infrastructure offer agreement.  Any additional export capacity required in excess of that designated under the infrastructure offer agreement will be subject to a separate application.

The criteria for schemes to qualify for these offers are set out below:

  • Each premises to be connected to the infrastructure must be identified in the initial application, including all minimum information required as with a separate individual DG connection application
  • The export and import capacities of each DG connection should be provided as part of the minimum information
  • The development boundary for each of the pre-defined premises should be provided on an appropriate plan together with letter(s) of authority from the relevant land owner(s).

If you have a development which you would like to progress through this infrastructure scheme process you can submit an application using our standard application methods clearly marking as a request for an infrastructure scheme.

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