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Implementation of the EU Network Codes

If you will be connecting new generating equipment to the GB Distribution system, you will most likely be affected by the new requirements from the European Connection Code: Requirements for Generators (RfG). Subject to certain exemptions, any generating unit commissioned after the 26th April 2019 will be required to comply with one of two new Engineering Recommendations (ERECs) G98 and G99 that are set to replace existing EREC G83 and EREC G59 respectively.
IMPORTANT – Please note that, unless you have agreed an exemption with us by providing evidence of a signed contract, from midnight 26th April 2019 we will only allow generation to be connected that is EREC G98 or EREC G99 compliant. If you are planning to connect just prior to 27th April 2019 you may wish to consider whether it is worth installing equipment in accordance with EREC G98/EREC G99 as a precaution in case your project is delayed and the deadline missed.
Click on the link here to view our information leaflet covering the requirements and how it might affect and what you need to do.


On Friday 16th November 2018 we hosted a webinar to run through the changes required as a consequence of the issue on new Engineering Recommendations G98 and G99, covering the requirements for the connection of generation in parallel with our distribution system. The webinar proved to be very popular with over 180 people registering to take part in the event.

Our aim was to take a high level look at what effect G98 and G99 will have on the process for connecting distributed generation and what it might mean for you, particularly if you are seeking to connect and commission generation that will run in parallel with our network in the future. G98 and G99 set out all of the technical requirements that you will need to comply with from 27th April 2019.

During the webinar we covered a number of topics including:

  • Background to implementation of G98/G99 and what it means for connecting customers;
  • Technical considerations;
  • The application process (specifically under G99);
  • Compliance requirements.

Attendees submitted nearly fifty questions to the WPD team during the course of the webinar, some of which we answered at the end of the presentation. For those that we didn’t have time for, we committed to respond to at a later date.  Our Q&A document, covering the key questions that were raised, is now available by clicking on the link here

If you have any questions relating to the changes set out under G98/G99, or if you want to feedback anything following the webinar you can contact us at We will endeavour to respond to you as soon as possible.

A recording of the webinar and associated slide presentation are now available:


Slide presentation

We would like to thank all those that took part and made the webinar a successful event.