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You will need to contact us if you propose to install or operate generating equipment as this could affect our network or require alterations to your electricity connection.

The procedure for connecting generation varies with the size of the equipment, but in general the larger the generator the more complex the connection procedure.

Please click here for more information about the different connection procedures for generation.  Alternatively click on each of the connection procedure links.

Please click here to see the generation map which gives you an indication of the potential capacity for large generation connections on our network.

The Electricity Networks Association (ENA) publish a number of guides to help you understand how to install and commission generation equipment.   They use the term Small Scale Embedded Generation (SSEG) to describe generation that is rated at 16A (3.68kW) per phase or less.  Please click here for help on deciding which guide is applicable to you.  Once you have made a decision you can click on the three links below to obtain the ENA guides: