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Competition in Connections FAQ

An ICP wants WPD to identify the POC but has submitted a design that they wish to self-approve, is this acceptable?

Yes, provided that when the ICP submits the design they confirm that: WPD is requested to determine the POC; The ICP has Self-determined the design in accordance with ST:SD1F.

An ICP has requested a Dual Offer; will WPD provide this?

Yes, an ICP can ask WPD for a Dual Offer. 

Where an IDNO network is connected directly to WPD existing LV mains, who will own the joint?

It depends on which party undertakes the jointing works. Ownership will remain with the party that undertook the joint. 

An ICP is intending to develop a site where there is an existing ground type substation and overhead plant and apparatus, once the HV and LV supplies have been disconnected can the ICP dismantle all the plant and apparatus and return it to a WPD depot?

No, the dismantlement and removal of existing WPD electrical plant and lines is non contestable. 

There are existing WPD mains that need to be diverted to make way for a new development. These mains will not be used to provide connections to the development. Can an ICP divert the existing mains?

Yes, the ICP is allowed to procure and lay mains and services however, all associated jointing remains non contestable excepting subsequent joints made for connections to the new development. 

Can an ICP terminate a cable on to an existing WPD substation Circuit breaker/fuse way or remote feeder pillar?

No, the ICP can lay the cable up to WPD's apparatus but WPD must make off the termination. 

As part of a connection offer an ICP has elected to undertake the connection to the WPD existing network themselves. As they have limited resources they have now requested WPD undertake the work on their behalf. Is this permitted?

Yes. However, any request of this kind will require WPD to issue a revised connection offer following the requirements of the guaranteed standards. 

An IDNO is developing a site where there is a WPD customer who will become imbedded within the IDNO site, can WPD transfer this cable and customers to the IDNO as this would provide a clear dividing line between WPD and the IDNO?

Generally No, WPD would wish to retain the customer however, in exceptional circumstances WPD may agree to reconnect the customer to the IDNO network where it is deemed appropriate to do so. 

Having completed the self-determination of a point of connection application process via CIRT, the ICP has now asked WPD to make a connection for them. Can WPD now complete this work for the ICP?

Yes. However, as the self-determination of a POC has been developed for an ICP to undertake all the activities themselves, WPD must issue a connection offer for the works required. 

As part of a Brown Field development an ICP is looking to disconnect metered services. Can they do this?

Yes. However, the ICP shall ensure that the meter has been removed by the meter operator prior to the work commencing, full details are contained within ST:NCL2. 

An ICP is looking to carry out Self-Inspection of their site work, is this permitted?

Yes, provided that they are party to the Framework Network Access & Adoption Agreement and associated extension of contestability agreement. 
Full details are available in ST:NC2M.