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Legal Permissions, Performance Standards, Charging Methodology

Legal Permissions

We try hard to ensure that landowners and customers understand why legal permissions and consents are important for the installation of our equipment on privately owned land. You can find a number of guidance documents here providing more information for landowners, customers, ICPs and IDNOs. We also set out our Collaborative Partnership Protocol that outlines a series of practical steps that customers and their lawyers can take if they wish to avoid delays in securing connections to our network.

Performance Standards

We aim to meet, and beat, the connection Guaranteed Customer Standards of Performance as set out by the energy regulator, Ofgem. You can find here the timescales we work to for providing a number of connection services including the provision of budget estimates and connection offers and for commencing and completing the connection works.

Our Incentive for Connections Engagement (ICE) Workplan sets out the priority issues which have been identified as a result of feedback from our engagement activities for improving our connections services. You can find our high level connections strategy here as well as more focussed initiatives, including target dates for completion.

Charging Methodology

We publish a statement covering our methodology and charges for connection to our network. You can find a statement for each of our licensed areas here providing information on the application process and how our connection charges are calculated.

Before we connect your installation to our network we will make you an offer for undertaking our works. When we make a connection we may ask you to enter in to a Connection Agreement. You can find here, examples of these documents which set out the terms and conditions upon which you may connect and remain connected to our network.