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Connection agreements

As a result of the supply contract you enter into with your supplier, you will automatically enter into the National Terms of Connection but it may be the case that at higher voltages or where you are exporting via generation, then a site specific WPD connection agreement is needed.

A connection agreement is an agreement between the owner/occupier and WPD. This agreement will be set out the necessary terms and conditions upon which the customer is connected to the Distribution System.

The connection agreement contains information on such areas as the address of the connection, the owner of the connection, the capacity being connected and whether it is for import or export. There may also be diagrams showing the ownership boundary between yourselves and WPD of the physical assets.

To view examples of Connection Agreements, please click here

Novation Agreements

Agreements are formed in relation to connection works between WPD and the customer, for example upon acceptance of the terms and conditions of a formal offer for connection.  In some instances, the company who initially entered into an agreement will wish to be replaced by an alternative company.  This may occur, for example, where developments are sold with the inclusion of services already paid for. 

A Novation can be used to allow the new customer to be bound by the terms of the Agreement as if it had always been party to it. 

Should you wish to carry out a novation to an agreement, please speak to your local WPD contact.

To view an example Novation, please click here