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Our changing network

The UK's electricity system is undergoing a rapid period of change as distribution network customers invest in generation and alter their consumption behaviours to affect a lower carbon future. To enable a greater volume of demand, generation and storage to be connected, our networks are becoming smarter and more active. Creating a more efficient and flexible system will benefit all customers and empower them to be at the centre of the energy revolution.

As we move from being a Distribution Network Operator to a Distribution System Operator, our network will carry out its existing functions and take on some new ones so as to:

  • develop and maintain an efficient, co-ordinated and economical system of electricity distribution;
  • facilitate competition in electricity supply, electricity generation and flexibility services;
  • improve the resilience and security of the electricity system at a local level;
  • facilitate neutral markets for more efficient whole system outcomes;
  • drive competition and efficiency across all aspects of the system;
  • and promote innovation, flexibility and non-network solutions.

Below is a diagram that explains how we expect the future in electricity distribution to look like. 

If you would like to know more about this topic then please read our DSO Strategy.