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We understand and acknowledge that our business carbon footprint has a major impact on our environment and the sustainability of future generations. To address this we have made a commitment to measure and reduce our footprint, including SF6 gas and network losses.

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Business Carbon Footprint

Our Business Carbon Footprint (BCF) details the impact that our operational activities have on the environment in terms of associated carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

All of our published BCF data has been verified externally for accuracy and compliance with the standards detailed above.

The WPD BCF takes account of the energy usage from offices, transport emissions (both operational and business), fuel combustion and the release of greenhouse gases (SF6). The reported data for Operational Transport (Road) and Fuel Combustion also takes account of a number of our larger contractor emissions as required under the OFGEM RIGs.

Since 2014/15 our annual BCF (excluding losses) has reduced by 22% or 22,214 tCO2e – the approximate equivalent carbon footprint of heating 8013 average UK households.

Since 2014/15 our annual BCF (including losses) has reduced by 46% or 923,775 tCO2e - the approximate equivalent carbon footprint of heating 342,138 average UK households.

Environment infographic

Annual BCF (tCO2e) excluding network losses

Environment report infographic

Annual BCF (tCO2e) including network losses

Climate Change Adaptation

Current and future climate change presents a major challenge for all distribution network operators.  The impact of both extreme weather events and gradual climate change directly affects Western Power Distribution’s business objective of providing a safe, reliable and efficient electricity supply to our customers. 

In response to requirements set by DEFRA and the Climate Change Act 2008 WPD have produced Western Power Distribution Adaptation to Climate Change Report:

Please click here to view the June 2011 Report.
Please click here to view the May 2015 Report.

Energy Intensity

Year ending March20152016201720182019
Energy Used (GWh)25.19723.65421.71322.823.259
DUoS Income (£m)1,537.591,400.651,573.701,520.811,576.12
Energy Use per Net Sales (GWh/£m)0.01640.01690.01380.01500.0148