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We are committed to ensuring that we meet all of our compliance obligations while minimising the overall impact that our activities have on the environment in which we work and operate.

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Wherever possible we aim to adopt best practice to continually improve on our environmental performance.

As such during RIIO-ED1 we have committed to achieve the following environmental improvements (outputs) throughout our business:

A reduction in technical network losses

  • Installing oversized transformers when replacing assets at highly loaded locations
  • Using larger sized cables when installing new network in Low Carbon Technology (LCT) hotspots
  • Undertaking innovation projects specifically related to technical losses

A reduction in our carbon footprint

  • All replacement vehicles to have lower CO2 emissions than those they are replacing
  • Ensuring all new or refurbished WPD buildings achieve a minimum rating of ‘Excellent’ for new build and ‘very good’ for refurbishment under the BREEAM* rating
  • Reducing the amount of waste we produce and send to landfill

Reduction in the leaks from our equipment, specifically;

  • The volume of oil lost through leaks from fluid filled cable
  • The volume of SF6 gas that is lost from switchgear
  • Installing effective oil containment ‘bunds’ around plant containing high volumes of oil

* Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method