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Health & safety

Electrician climbing overhead pole with health and safety gear

Safety is of paramount importance and we are committed to providing a safe and reliable electricity distribution supply while minimising the impact of our operations on the environment.

Our over-riding aim is to ensure than no one is injured or has their health damaged as a result of our business activity.

This is why we continue to seek out and develop new and improved tools and techniques with the aim of eliminating or reducing risk.

Please click here to view our Health and Safety Policy.

We are also involved with Powering Improvement, an initiative to develop strategies for workplace safety. It incorporates involvement from the Energy Networks Association (ENA), the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and various trade unions. You can find out more here.

View our latest video below:

Look Out Look Up! to reduce overhead power line incidents

On average, one person dies or is seriously injured each month as a result of contact with overhead power lines. Data from the Health & Safety Executive shows that one in four of these cases (26%) will involve a lorry driver, making construction and road haulage workers at extreme risk of fatal injury in the workplace.

Despite this threat to life, the Energy Networks Association (ENA) found that over 50% of lorry drivers do not understand the proper safety requirements for working near overhead power lines.

To help reduce the number of fatalities amongst lorry drivers, the UK’s energy network operators have joined forces to launch Look Out Look Up!.

As part of the campaign, the ENA has released a new, thought-provoking film targeting those working in construction and road haulage. The film explores the journey of two road haulage workers carrying out a job near overhead power lines resulting in a fatal accident. As well as showcasing the dangers of working near overhead power lines, the film also reveals the devastating affects these accidents can have on friends and family.