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Addressing fuel poverty

Western Power Distribution’s longstanding approach to consumer vulnerability has focussed on helping customers to cope during a power cut.  In recent years, with the help of stakeholders, we have extended our range of services to recognise and address the broad and multidimensional nature of vulnerability.  This includes taking steps to address fuel poverty.

WPD recognise that some customers struggle to afford electricity and to effectively heat their properties.  Whilst WPD does not directly cause fuel poverty, we are uniquely placed (by handling over 1 million contacts with customers each year) to provide information to customers on potential causes and solutions to this issue.

We work with a wide range of expert partners to deliver practical support to customers, ranging from tariff switching advice to energy efficiency schemes.
WPD take two approaches to supporting customers to access information on fuel poverty:

1.‘Power up’ fuel poverty schemes: We refer individuals to partner organisations where our day-to-day contact with customers (including proactive calls to customers on our Priority Services Register to update their details) identifies a specific need in relation to fuel poverty. Click here for more information. 

2.‘Affordable Warmth’ collaborative outreach schemes: We support existing area-based fuel poverty programmes to work collectively to identify and support hard-to-reach customers and refer any eligible for the PSR to WPD  – our “Affordable Warmth” projects

The support our partners can provide, includes:

  • Income Maximisation e.g. debt management
  • Energy Tariff e.g. switching
  • Energy efficiency measures e.g. home insulation schemes
  • Heating solutions e.g. boiler replacement schemes
  • Behavioural changes e.g. effectively using your heating system
  • Health and wellbeing e.g. mobility aids, fire safety checks, etc.

For more information on any of our projects please contact Tracy Cullen, Social Obligations Officer on 01332 827644 or

Alternatively further information is available from the partners we work with below:

Citizens Advice
Centre for Sustainable Energy
Energy Saving Trust
Severn Wye Energy Agency

If your home is hard to heat, call Nest

Nyth Nest logo

The Welsh Government Warm Homes Nest scheme is here to help you keep warm and save money on your energy bills.

Nest is open to all householders in Wales and provides advice on saving energy, energy tariffs, and benefit entitlement.   

In addition to free advice, if you own or privately rent your home and you or someone you live with receives a means tested benefit you may be eligible for home improvements at no cost. These may include a new central heating boiler or insulation.  

If your home is hard to heat, please contact Nest on Freephone 0808 808 2244 for free advice and to see if you are eligible for energy saving home improvements, or visit for more information.