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Priority services case studies


Client 1:

The client is a single unemployed male suffering from depression and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and very socially isolated as he rarely leaves his flat. His mother was his sole source of support for money management but she passed away a year ago and since then his depression has become worse. He is struggling financially with bills (including energy). 


  • Following a call to update his register details, WPD referred the client (at his request) to a partner agency who could offer fuel poverty assistance 
  • The agency arranged a payment plan with the Local Authority for council tax arrears 
  • They completed a ‘Big Difference Scheme’ application and was successfully awarded 90% discount 
  • The agency made application to the British Gas Trust Fund regarding the energy arrears 
  • They supported client with creating a budget including a written list of outgoings fortnightly to tie-in with his benefits 
  • And completed a Warm Home Discount application

Total Savings for customer:


Client 2:

Mrs M (56) has severe depression and is supported by a psychiatrist. Mrs M also suffers from fibromyalgia and arthritis. She has had one knee replaced and has had surgery on her thumbs and wrists. Mrs M is not fully mobile and relies on her partner, for care. Her partner is in receipt of carer’s allowance. Mrs M has seen her GP 10 times in the last 12 months and had six visits to hospital. 

The 12 year old boiler had issues with high-pressure and frequently leaked. The only source of heating for the couple is a gas fire and a portable electric heater. 


  • Following a call to update his register details, WPD referred the client (at her request) to a partner agency who could offer fuel poverty assistance 
  • The Healthy Home programme installed a new heating system and this has significantly reduced the risk of the boiler exploding and causing untold harm to the occupants.

Benefit for customer:

A new boiler

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