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Social indicator mapping

Western Power Distribution has a wide range of outreach schemes and partnerships to help support customers in vulnerable situations, including power cut vulnerability and fuel poverty. It is vital that we continually take steps to update and enhance WPD’s understanding of the nature and distribution of vulnerable households across our area. 

We therefore use data to identify areas with the highest concentrations of vulnerable customers. Much better outcomes for customers are achieved through the ability to target outreach projects in areas of the highest vulnerability or deprivation following on from this analysis.

What we did

WPD have worked with the Centre for Sustainable Energy to undertake analysis to inform a better understanding of the nature, scale and distribution of different types of household vulnerability. This includes those who may be eligible to be included on the Priority Services Register (PSR) and those likely to be finding it difficult to afford energy to heat their home. 

The analysis has taken account of changes to definitions of vulnerability and fuel poverty (by Ofgem, Government and stakeholders), and uses the most recent data-sets available. 

Mapping Customer Vulnerability - Methodology Report

Data sources and user guide

Making this data available – an invitation for you to work with WPD

We are taking steps to publish all the findings from this exercise in order to help other organisations and agencies working in our region to support the most vulnerable in our society. As well as using this data to help to target your own activities, we would love to hear from anyone interested in developing new initiatives and working together with WPD to help support people in our region, particularly the geographical “hotspots” revealed by this mapping exercise. 

Please contact Tracy Cullen, Social Obligations Officer on 01332 827644 or at

For full instructions on how to use the map below please view the following video:


Vulnerability map