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EcobotOur Ecobot Challenge rewarded schools for reducing their energy use

We would like to thank the schools that participated in WPD’s Ecobot Challenge.

We had some amazing results and schools across our region reduced their energy consumption by an average of 9% up to the maximum amount of 36%.

We congratulate all the schools for embracing the challenge and sharing their ideas with others about how they can save energy and money too! Here are a few of the changes students made in school:

  • Switching off all unnecessary lighting i.e. ensuring lights are turned off when rooms not in use
  • Ensuring all electrical equipment is turned off and not on standby
  • Implement student energy monitors, they ensure all pupils and staff are aware of how to reduce energy costs

Teaching resources and lesson plans were specially designed for our Ecobot  Challenge to help teachers and students reduce energy use. These materials are available in our Ecobot Resource Library, please follow the link below.  

Ecobot Resource Library