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Electric Nation Data

When launched, Electric Nation was one of the world's largest home smart charging trials with nearly 700 EV owners taking part in the 18-month trial. Between them, our trial participants provided data for more than 2 million hours of car charging data. Importantly they also gave us first hand feedback on what it is like living with an Electric Vehicle in the real world and how they found the smart charging experience. 

The results from Electric Nation have global significance and allow electricity distribution network planners to replace high level axioms with statistically robust facts. The lessons from this project will greatly assist local electricity networks in accommodating home Electric Vehicle charging whilst ensuring that drivers always have the ability to charge when they need to. 

Electric Nation was a 3 year project, which was funded using the National Innovation Allowance. We have made the pseudonymised trial data available for you to use, data available on this portal includes:

  • Both Greenflux and CrowdCharge charging transactions
  • Applied capacity profiles
  • Communication Data
  • Vehicle Database


Capacity Profile

Charger Install

Comms Data

Crowd Charge Transactions

Crowd Charge Meter Values

Data Explanation - Meter Values

GreenFlux Transactions

GreenFlux 3 Minute

GreenFlux 15 Minute

Group Definition


This data is sold as seen and we take no responsibility for any decisions made off the back of any analysis or interpretation of the data. 

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