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Entering Premises - Guide For Customers

Western Power Distribution (WPD) plans to carry out work near to, or in, your property

We want to keep you and our staff safe at all times. Ahead of our visit please find below some guidance to keep all parties safe on the day of our work.


  • A member of our team will call you and agree a date for the work
  • Where we need to enter your property we’ll also agree how to gain entry and any special instructions you may have for our teams so they are prepared ahead of the date of the visit.

On the day of the visit:

  • We will contact you, either by phone or knocking on your door and stepping back from the doorstep when we’re outside your property
  • At that time our staff will check if anything has changed with our agreed plans so that we are able to keep each other safe before we enter the property. For example, a change in the health of anyone living in the property from the time the work was initially discussed, may impact upon the work we can undertake
  • Discuss where WPD equipment is located and agree how our staff can access it whilst maintaining social distancing
  • Our staff will have washed their hands and any work tools thoroughly before work begins
  • Our staff will also follow any guidance agreed with you beforehand, with regard to access to our equipment
  • We will keep our work time in your property to as short a period as possible.

During our visit, we will:

  • Follow social distancing and good hygiene rules
  • Ensure we follow the agreed access routes
  • Complete our work safely and minimise the points of contact our staff require within your property
  • Wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Wash our hands and any work tools when we leave.

We ask that you do the following while we are working:

  • Avoid close contact and follow the social distancing rules. Please go into a separate room and stay there while our staff are inside your property. Keep at least two metres apart at all times
  • Ensure access to our work areas are clear
  • All other family members follow the same social distancing guidelines
  • Open the windows or outside doors in the area that we are working, if possible
  • Avoid smoking or vaping while our team members are in your property.

Thank you for your help. Together, we will stay safe and keep the power flowing for the communities WPD serves.