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EV Capacity Map

One element of our plan to accommodate electric vehicles on our network is to make use of existing capacity. We have reviewed this capacity at a street by street level using our local distribution substations. We assessed the available capacity at each site and have represented this as a generic level of EV charging capacity.

Our three levels are:

  • Extensive capacity available
  • Capacity available
  • Some capacity available

For the lowest level we may need to consider some management of charging but we only expect this to be a reactive solution in certain cases whilst we create additional local capacity. Our modelling has not looked at individual services to properties so there may be local pinch points or upgrades which are not included in this representation.

EV Capacity map

We expect this capacity map to be useful to all customers, but specifically local authority customers who might like to compare and contrast the capacity available in local areas whilst they plan the deployment of public charging infrastructure.

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