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Export Limiting

Customers who are seeking to increase the amount of generation or energy storage installed but have been advised an increase in export capacity will require costly or time bound upstream reinforcement, may choose to restrict the net export of their connection rather than wait for or contribute to the reinforcement.

An export limitation scheme measures the Apparent Power (kilowatts) at the exit point of the installation and then uses this information to either restrict generation/energy storage output or increase the customer demand in order to prevent the Agreed Export Capacity from being exceeded.

These schemes allow network operators to continue to maintain the supply security of existing customers whilst also enabling new generation/energy storage onto the network.

Requirements for Customer Export Limited Connections:


Export Limitation Schemes must comply with the relevant power quality standards and with ER G100. Generation, including energy storage systems, also needs to adhere to ER G83/G98 and G59/G99, as applicable.

  • The export limitation scheme must reduce the exported Active Power to a value that is equal to, or less than, the Maximum Export Capacity within 5s;
  • The system must be fail-safe. If any of the components or signaling systems that comprise the export limitation system fail or lose power the scheme must reduce the exported Active Power to a value that is equal to, or less than, the Maximum Export Capacity within 5s.

Connection Process

The installer must fill in and submit an Export Limitation Scheme Application form to Western power Distribution in addition to the relevant generation application forms.

  • Once WPD has approved the connection the equipment may be installed and commissioned. In some cases Western Power Distribution will need to witness some of these commissioning tests.
  • The installer must fill in an Export Limitation Installation and Commissioning Form and submit this to Western Power Distribution within 28 days.
  • A G59 Fast Track application process has been developed for single phase installations that comprise ER G83/G98 compliant generation (e.g. solar PV) rated up to 16A and ER G83/G98 compliant energy storage rated up to 16A fitted with an ER G100 compliant Export Limitation Scheme that restricts the export to 16A per phase or less. Further information on the G99 Fast Track process is available here.

Additional Information:

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