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Getting Status Information About the Legal Process Relating to Your Connection

Legal Process Status - Matters with WPD

The first stage of any new connection legal processes is making contact and negotiating with landowners and planning authorities.  In relation to legal transactions, when terms have been agreed we instruct our lawyers to acquire the land and/or rights over land in question.  Where the ball is in WPD’s court, prior to our lawyers being instructed, customers can track the status of our activities in the legal and consents process through our CIRT (Crown Internet Routing and Tracking) portal.  CIRT is an on-line system which, for customers who have registered to use it, provides a means of making connection applications.   Legal process transactions which relate to connection applications which have been raised through CIRT can be tracked by customers through that interface.  This provides visibility of the status of transactions through to the point where we instruct our lawyers. 

Details of how to register for CIRT can be obtained by clicking here  

Details of how to access information on the legal processes of your connection in CIRT can be obtained by clicking here.

Legal Process Status - Matters with our Lawyers

Our lawyers, Geldards LLP, operate a case management system called High Q which enables us to track the progress of new connections transactions which we have instructed them to action. Geldards LLP have made High Q available to our new connection customers, their legal representatives and their Independent Connection Providers. This provides our customers and their representatives with case-level status information about the legal process relating to their connection.

Click the images below for a Quick Access Guide to Geldards LLP’s High Q platform and the Terms and Conditions to using High Q.

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