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Green Recovery Call for Evidence Questionnaire

Please complete the questionnaire to inform us as to whether you agree with our highlighted investment areas and provide some information if you have any ‘green’ projects within those areas.

2. Name of proposed project and brief description
3. The technology or scheme being considered for development (please check all that apply to your scheme)
4. Location - grid reference(s), postcode(s) and where known point of connection(s) to the electricity network required. If more than 5 locations, please attach details with a map as an appendix. Please populate as many as possible, and include 'what3words' reference.
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5. Total electrical capacity potentially required (kW peak). Please indicate if it is a new or existing connection(s) being proposed. If there is an existing connection, please indicate how much additional capacity is required.
Connection type
Capacity required - please include any assumptions in the space allocated (e.g. use of load limitation/management devices)
6. Has an application been made for connection in the past? If so, is this progressing? And if not, why not? (please provide any detail on application numbers etc., if available)
Previous connection application
7. Land rights - do you have the necessary land rights to allow us to install equipment between the public highway and the preferred connection point(s)?
Land right
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11. Please explain if and how your project(s) will meet both the net zero objective, part of the UK Government’s Energy White Paper, 10-point plan, Welsh Government’s Prosperity for All : A Low Carbon Wales and any other relevant UK Government or devolved Government policy. Where possible please quantify the impact.
Relevant area of 10-point plan for a green industrial (if applicable)
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