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The Future of our Electricity Network: Communities Consultation

We carried out a consultation with community energy organisations and local energy stakeholders, in August and September 2018, on the future of our electricity network and the shift to a Distribution System Operator (DSO). 

This report summarises the consultation responses and feedback received and sets out the actions we will take as a result. 

Electricity Network Innovation Guide for Communities

This guide is for communities and local energy stakeholders who are interested in electricity network innovation. It will help you to learn more about how our energy system is changing, lessons from innovation trials, why these projects are important, and how you can get involved. 

Community-Based Network Innovation

This guide has been produced for community groups or anyone else in our network area who would like to start a project which will change how your community uses energy. This guide is to provide information and advice on what is involved in undertaking a community-based innovation project. 

Along with the new Community-Based Network Innovation Guide we also have a 21 Lessons for DNO's on Community Based Innovation report. This report aims to help DNO's to develop the way that they engage with communities in order to improve the outcome of future network innovation projects which involve communities. 

Community Energy Vulnerable Customer packs

The packs were produced with the aim of empowering communities to reach out to vulnerable customers. Supporting outreach work on fuel poverty and the transition to smart meters. 

Connecting Community Energy: A guide to getting a network connection

This guide is for people developing community energy projects who want to get a connection to the electricity network. It provides an introduction to the electricity network and an overview of the application process for different types of new energy generation relevant to community energy groups. If you are not quite sure where to start with getting your project connected and are slightly confused about the difference between EREC G83 and G59, this guide is for you.  

Electricity storage guide for communities and independent developers

This guide is aimed at community energy groups and independent developers looking to develop electricity storage projects, who want to knowhow to connect to the electricity network. 

Rough guide to Engaging Communities in Energy Network Innovation

This guide explores how DNOs can positively engage local communities in innovation and how communities can get themselves into the best position to grasp the opportunity.


We have produced four inspirational podcasts about Community groups at different stages with WPD. These can be found here.   


If you would like to view any of our animated information videos then please go to our Community Energy Video Library