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Do you have an idea?

Our main sources of innovation funding are managed by Ofgem, the industry regulator. Ofgem has established a variety of funding mechanisms to develop future networks that support the Government’s Carbon Plan. In RIIO-ED1 Ofgem introduced the Network Innovation Allowance (NIA) and Network Innovation Competition (NIC) to replace the previous schemes.

NIA Projects

We have a number of project ideas highlighted in our innovation strategy. Please see the Future Projects section to get more detail regarding the current project areas we’re focussed on and the process to submit an idea.

NIC Project Ideas

The NIC is intended for greater value projects and funding is awarded annually through a competitive process open to all UK Network Operators. For NIC we publish an annual Call for Proposals, either directly or through ENA, as we recognise that innovative solutions can also be developed from within third party organisations. Those registered for website updates will receive email notification when the call is open, you can register for website updates here. The calls will also be published on ENA’s Collaboration Portal.

The chart below shows the areas we will explore and develop through the NIC.  Many are still at a conceptual stage and build upon anticipated learning from existing projects.  The scope of each project will become clearer as current knowledge learned in WPD and other DNOs is revealed.  This may also lead to different projects that have not yet been conceived.

These areas specifically focus on technology solutions to support the changing needs and requirements of a distribution network.  More details on each area are provided in our innovation strategy which you can download here.