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Innovation Forward Plan

To view our full Innovation Forward Plan document click here.

This builds on our Innovation Strategy, where our three key focus and priority areas, Transport, Heat and Data were outlined. We see these as key areas for our innovation programme to develop in order to support Government’s net-zero 2050 agreement.

These three priority areas are now described in detail, covering what work we have previously or are currently doing, what Government, industry and wider stakeholders are doing and saying in each area and what specific problems and challenges we would like to use our innovation programme to overcome in the next 12 to 18 months. As well as the three priority areas we also outline an ‘Other areas to support our priorities’, focussed on technical and commercial solutions, as indicators of the wider range of innovative solutions that will support our innovation portfolio.

We appreciate that a wide range of third parties and stakeholders have skills, technologies, solutions and business capability needed to shape the future of the distribution network and the wider energy landscape and we’re committed to pro-actively engaging third parties in the delivery of our innovation programme; principally our Network Innovation Allowance (NIA) and Competition (NIC) projects.

In this document, as well as the detail of the problems and challenges, we’ve set out our broad timelines for interaction via our NIA and NIC calls, which will focus on the problems and challenges identified in this plan. To date we have taken forwards a number of projects from our third party calls, nine projects from NIA calls [50% of all projects in the last two years], totalling over £6.8m and five of our last seven NIC bids have originated from these calls. We are dedicated to continuing this with existing and new project partners and collaborators and believe this document should further support this. You can find more detail on these calls and how to submit proposals on our Future Projects and Ideas page.