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This project ended in Aug 2013 and is now closed.Dismiss

Isles of Scilly

DurationAug 2012 - Aug 2013
  • South West

Project description

Electricity supplies to the Isles of Scilly consist of a single 33,000 volt undersea cable from the mainland, supplemented by an island-based diesel generating station. There are also remote, locally controlled generators on two outer islands available for use at limited times.

The islands provide an effective self-contained location, with an 11,000 volt (11kV) and low voltage electricity distribution system that can be monitored and controlled to accommodate distributed generation and other low carbon initiatives.

Linesman scaling electricity pole

WPD worked with the islanders through this project to help make the isles energy self-sufficient. The project established real time monitoring of substations, using a range of communications techniques, including broadband power line carrier over 11kV networks along with 450MHz and 2.4 GHz radio communications. The project also developed advanced remote generation control.