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Voltage Control System Demonstration

DurationMar 2014 - Jul 2017
  • South West
  • South Wales

Project Description

As Distributed Generators (DG), such as wind turbines and photovoltaics (PV), are becoming more common the growing number of connections to distribution networks will increasingly cause voltage problems, due to the variable power output of the DG. Traditional solutions fail to cope with the varying output. In turn this can affect the efficiency, capacity and performance of the distribution network. This project aimed to address the issue of voltage problems seen in long distribution network lines in a rural environment with DG connected. The objective was to produce a connection and control methodology and determine the effectiveness of D-SVCs (Static VAr Compensator for Distribution Networks) to control voltage on 11kV rural networks. The project consists of two phases:

Phase 1 comprised the installation and testing of a single D-SVC that was planned to manage the voltage as affected by a wind farm on the network and provide feedback for the development of a D-VQC (Voltage and Reactive Power (Q) Control System).

Phase 2 involved the installation of multiple D-SVCs across two primary substations, utilising the D-VQC to maximise the network benefits brought from enhanced voltage control.

The project was terminated early for reasons which are discussed in the Closedown report.

Phase 1 Closedown Report:

Phase 2 Closedown Report:

Areas of Work

SVC connection methodology, SVC control methodology, D-VQC development and optimisation, 11kV network and voltage control optimisation, power quality control.

Project Partners

Hitachi Europe Limited