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New connections

We aim to make connecting to our network as straightforward as possible. Whether you choose us to complete your entire connection works or choose a competitive connection provider to do some of the work, our locally based teams will be on hand to provide the solution for your connection requirements with first class customer service.

Connections activities

New connection – we can provide you or your connection provider with a point of connection to our existing network and an electricity supply in a new premises, development or street furniture installation.

Increases in Supply – where you have an existing supply and need to increase the capacity to meet your new requirements (e.g. a new machine at your business) you can request this modification using the same process as a new supply.

Connection of generation – where either a new connection or change to an existing connection is required to connection your generation safely and securely to our network.

What is available in this section?

How to applyWho does what?Competitions in connectionsContact us
Connection charging statementsGuaranteed standards of performanceConnection agreementsNetwork plans and information

Click on the below links to see the timescales we must work to in order to comply with our Connections Guaranteed Standards:

Unmetered Connections
Metered Connections

You can also connect

Up to 4 domestic properties

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5 or more domestic properties

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A single commercial property up to 69KVA

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Single & multiple commercial properties > 69KVA

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