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Capacity Allocation and Reservation Webinar

June 17 2019

An informative webinar that took place at 1:30 pm BST on Monday 17th June. 


WPD consulted with stakeholders on a proposed approach to the way in which we allocate and reserve network capacity to customers requiring multiple new electricity connections within a defined development area. The stakeholder feedback helped us to formulate processes that  allow us to allocate capacity fairly, particularly where an increase in demand has placed constraints on the network. Our aim is to provide customers who hold an offer for connection with a reasonable level of assurance that the capacity that they have requested will be available for their use during a prescribed period, whilst at the same time, protect other customers who have a more pressing need for capacity and face having to pay higher connection charges for reinforcement works deemed necessary due to existing capacity being reserved by others.

What was covered

The webinar covered three key stages in the provision of capacity to new connections customers;

  • initial application requirements
  • milestone requirement post-acceptance of the connection offer
  • reservation of capacity post-energisation

During the webinar we wanted to convey our rationale for arriving at our latest policy decisions so that customers have a good understanding of our working practices going forward and to receive feedback on them.

You can view the full webinar below, or click here for a copy of the webinar slides. 



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