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Penzance investment project to boost network reliability

A £195,000 project to replace underground low voltage cable is taking place in Penzance, Cornwall. Since February, the Redruth teams have been working to ...


Robot fun for Tonyrefail youngsters

Year 6 pupils from Tref-Y-Rhyg Primary School, Tonyrefail have received a donation of £500 to purchase robot tool kits, to help them improve their understand...


Our latest Heat Pump strategy is here

By 2028, the UK is expecting to install 600,000 heat pumps a year – and we are determined to be ready, as outlined in our latest Heat Pump Strategy. The s...


55 years of Hertz! WPD data shows South West fans' electricity habits during agonising Euros final

We have released data detailing the impact of England’s dramatic defeat to Italy, on our South West network. Over 30 million viewers across the country tune...


Do you put the kettle on? England semi-final shows fans’ electricity habits during game

Following England’s historic win against Denmark last night, we looked at some electricity demand data which has shown the impact of England’s first major se...


Our co-created Business Plan has our customers at its heart

A net zero carbon footprint by 2028, £60 million of savings for fuel poor customers and a network ready to connect up to 1.5 million electric vehicles in the...