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WPD ready and primed to support net zero ambitions

Householders and businesses who live in Western Power Distribution’s (WPD) licence areas can be confident that the electricity network is ready to support th...


Surge in household flexibility reported in our latest tender for flexibility services

The results of our latest tender for flexibility services has seen a surge in domestic properties being signed up to provide the service. Over half of the...


‘Same day’ or ‘next day’ connection for domestic EV chargers and heat pumps

Most new connections for domestic electric vehicle (EV) chargers and heat pumps in our region will now be approved on the same day or the next day, following...


Positive Lives – a support group for PLWHIV

Did you know that 35% of LGBTQ+ people in the UK never come out to their work colleagues and 18% have been targeted with negative comments in the workplace? ...


Awards for apprentices and trainees of the year

This year’s outstanding apprentices and trainees have been presented with awards to recognise their achievements, and to acknowledge them as the skilled futu...


WPD has chosen to launch its new Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity commitments

With a national shortage of people qualified in STEM subjects, WPD can’t afford to miss out on any part of the potential workforce. But a diverse and inclusi...