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Cuppa Load of This

When you have a thirst to become more eco-friendly reducing the number of plastic disposable cups is a good place to start. 

Left to right: Technician Ryan Crompton, Planner Morgen Butler, Technician Jake Toseland and Linesman Rob Plummer show off the eco-cups.

That’s why eco-cups, made of bamboo, corn starch and resin, were rolled out in Devon and Northants and Milton Keynes distribution areas in April.  Northants and Milton Keynes Distribution Manager Justin Hargate said: “We have a new waste management supplier and one of the key points they made was that we need to eliminate waste as well as recycle. Replacing disposable cups with eco-friendly versions is an obvious way to be more sustainable.”  While mugs work for office-based staff who have access to kitchen facilities, field-based staff tend to rely on vending machines and need on-the-go cups.

Plastic cups aren’t the only items where changing habits can improve sustainability: double sided printing and using hand dryers instead of paper towels are both quick ways of reducing waste.


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