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Electricity investment in Lincolnshire is on the right track

Engineers have drilled 30 feet under the Midland Mainline railway as part of a £3 million project to future proof the electricity network in Lincolnshire.

The project, which will deliver a more secure and reliable electricity supply for more than 12,000 customers in the Stamford area, involved a complicated drilling process under the railway at Tallington. This has enabled a new underground cable to be laid beneath the rail line.

In all, almost 10 kilometres of new 33kV cable will be laid between Stamford and West Deeping as part of the reinforcement programme. There will also be upgrades to existing substations.

Jason Taylor, WPD planner, said: “We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this essential work to future proof the power network for the people of Lincolnshire. The work we are doing to reinforce and upgrade the network will mean a safer, more reliable and more efficient electricity supply for existing customers. That will result in fewer power cuts and enable us to restore power more quickly, when it does go off.

“This investment will also ensure the network is ready to meet future demand from customers wanting to connect green technologies, like electric vehicle chargers and heat pumps, as we all prepare for a net zero future.”

Work to lay the cable will start in early 2022 and take up to six months to complete.

We’re planning to invest more than £6 billion in our network between 2023 – 28 to ensure a safe and reliable electricity supply for our eight million customers and to prepare for a smarter, greener, low carbon future. Read more about our investment programme here.

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