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Latest Flexible Power News

Latest News

Flexibility: The Smart Way Forward

For the first time flexibility has been received from domestic customers in Lincolnshire whose supplier is OVO, using its intelligent energy platform Kaluza to manage a portfolio of sonnen batteries installed in homes.

Kaluza discharged batteries for over an hour in response to automated signals from our Control Centre, reducing demand on the network during the evening peak. Having received domestic flexibility for the first time, our Innovation team is looking at how to extend customer participation through the Future Flex Project

Procurement update


ENA Open Networks Project

Flexibility providers will soon benefit from a standardised contract for the procurement of their services, offered by all of Great Britain’s Distribution Network Operators (DNOs).

The contract has been drafted with input from all of Britain’s DNOs and ESOs, providing a consistent agreement across the country for those wishing to provide vital flexibility services to networks.

The release of this contract will boost market confidence and participation in local markets for flexibility by building a level playing field, with liabilities and indemnities capped at a contract value.

To view the document click here.

Key Dates

We have announced our second 2020 procurement cycle, key dates are;

Key dates

Any parties interested in participation in this round should register their interest here.


Community workshops provide valuable feedback

In early Spring, four workshops were held with local community group representatives from across our network area.

We asked what the role of communities are in smart energy, how more local groups can access flexibility services and what else is needed to encourage wider participation. Feedback from the event showed that these groups would like to see DNOs focus more on the environmental benefits that can be gained form operation flexibility on their networks.

We'll include this feedback in our ongoing strategy and continue to work with industry and regulatory bodies to improve our flex offering.

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